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About YellowBelly Beer

Craft Brewery based in Wexford Town.

We’re an Irish brewery and we love beer, so it’s why we brew it and why we drink it. And we know you do too, that’s probably why you are here, right? Learning about your new favourite brewery, perhaps reading up about a beer you are drinking right now or simply because you heard we make comics and want to check it out. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you swung by.

YellowBelly poured their first pint in May 2015, but the idea was born long before that. The founders of the brewery Nicky and Simon Lambert attended a brewing course in Manchester in 2009, and from then on the dream of opening a brewery on the site of their family pub began. Their first aim was to turn their pub into a craft beer destination in the heart of Wexford Town. Focusing on Irish Craft Beer & Spirits they quickly built up an exciting range of quality Irish products and went about changing the tastes of locals and enticing tourists into their pub. With a market established they set about work on their own 200 litre nano brewery in the basement of the pub. This work began in 2013, converting old store rooms into a semi-automated brewery, built using reconditioned tanks and a bit of local sweat and knowledge.

The brewery was commissioned in March 2017, alongside a Wild Goose canning line which allowed YellowBelly to consistently offer a packaged product for the off-licence trade for the first time. While some small batch bottling was done from the Simon Lambert & Sons Brewery, it was limited to 50 cases per product and the same beer was never packaged twice. The 1000 litre brewery was also moved up to the Whiterock Hill site which allowed us to maintain our consistent small batch keg only releases. By the end of 2018, over 250 unique beers had been produced. Now, in 2019, we are going from strength to strength, and taking our Citra Pale Ale global.

All the artwork you see across our Tap Badges and Cans features our fictional hero ‘YellowBelly’. He’s the “Dr. Who” of Beer; travelling through time and space to find new recipes, discover ingredients and to fight the bad guys trying to destroy good beer. Our Creative Director, Paul Reck, creates all the artwork and is the mastermind behind our ‘YellowBelly Tales’ Comic Book Series, which can read for free here on the site.

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