Whelan Cleaning Systems Ltd.

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About Whelan Cleaning Systems Ltd.

Brothers Paul and Enda Whelan began their War on Dirt back in 1985 and since then have led Whelan Cleaning to become the premier contract cleaners in the South East. The brothers, as well as Operations Manager John Carroll, stand over every project with a relentlessly critical eye to make sure that each job is completed to absolute perfection. It’s this personal touch coupled with nearly 35 years of experience that gives our clients such confidence in our work.

Why Chose Whelan’s?

 35 years’; experience with a wide and varied client portfolio.
 Constant professionalism with highly-trained, friendly staff.
 We bring that all-important personal touch to our client relationships.
 Incredibly flexible when it comes to the size and type of jobs we take on.
 High-tech, up-to-date equipment.
 Environmentally friendly approach to our work especially with regard to chemicals.
 Fully insured and tax compliant.
 Extremely rigorous Health and Safety standards.

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