Stafford Irish Spirits Co

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About Stafford Irish Spirits Co

This is a story of careful stewardship, of years spent nourishing and protecting the rich soil in this fertile corner of Ireland. The Stafford family are as rooted in County Wexford as the harvest they lovingly produce. Theirs is the proud heritage of a humble staple, that now has produced a new yield, of premium, locally sourced, award winning distilled spirits.
On the Stafford family farm, the harvest is good & Jackford Irish Potato Gin is the cream of the crop!

Well-made and carefully balanced, the earthy creaminess of our potatoes is complemented with fresh herbs and warming spice.

The creamy smoothness and luscious mouthfeel are complemented by the natural sweetness & balanced to perfection using our unique and original recipe.

Our Jackford Irish Potato gin is a true gin lovers delight!

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