Slaney Farms Produce Ltd

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About Slaney Farms Produce Ltd

Located in Co. Wexford in the southeast of Ireland, Slaney Farms are proud growers and packers of quality fresh potatoes for the Irish market.

A family owned and operated business the company is headed up by John Stafford. John believes that his success is built on a strong relationship with the land and the farming practices Slaney Farms employ.

Harvesting local traditionally grown varieties, the company’s farm and state-of-the-art packaging facility operates sustainable practices to deliver optimal freshness to the consumer.

Passionate about supporting all things local, the company is keen to promote local and are very proud of the role Slaney Farms play in helping to keep local jobs intact.

Our potatoes are available in Supervalus, Pettitts, Tescos, Eurospars, and numerous independently owned stores nationwide across the whole country! We are also available online with any of the retailers we supply, making it easier and COVID friendly to get our produce from us to you.

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