Ireland’s Own

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About Ireland’s Own

Ireland’s Own, Ireland’s best selling and longest running family magazine, is a full colour, weekly magazine devoted to all that is best about Ireland and being Irish, published in Wexford town, in the Sunny South East of Ireland without interruption since 1902. So, what will you find in this unique magazine that is regarded as a phenomenon in Irish publishing? Ireland’s Own sets out to entertain, educate and inform in a package that will have something for every member of the family to enjoy, from the grandparents to the youngest child.

Every week we bring you a fascinating mix of articles, features, fiction, competitions and puzzle pages, and a special fun-filled action packed section for the younger readers. You will find in-depth cover stories on various aspects of Irish life.

In recent times we have featured profiles of people like writers John B. Keane, W.B. Yeats and Deirdre Purcell, entertainers like Foster and Allen, Celtic Thunder, The Dubliners and The Chieftains; missionaries like the Venerable Edel Quinn and others, 160 years of the Jacobs Biscuit Factory in Dublin, and 150 years of the Irish National Gallery.

We have featured various aspects of Irish life such as a day saving the turf, how we lived in the 1950s, The Night of the Big Wind, The Kerry Camino, the Wonders of South Ulster, etc. And those were just the cover stories.   Inside every week you will find features on different aspects of Irish history, often unearthing little known nuggets; profiles of Irish people who have made a major world impact in literature, science, sport and entertainment; in our Memories Section, people recall mostly with affection their young days or people who made a lasting impression on them when growing up. And, of course, Ireland’s Own is famous for its fiction short stories

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