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About Go Health Nutrition

Hey! We’re Go Health Nutrition, a team of highly qualified scientists and nutrition professionals. 

Being healthy is hard, right? We’re nutrition nerds and even we find it difficult to consume a balanced diet. Being healthy and feeling bright shouldn’t be a chore, but hey, there’s no two ways about it, to be healthy you gotta, you know, eat and drink healthy stuff! So, we thought, what if we packed as much goodness into some delicious drinks and powders that is humanly possible? We got cracking and a lot of science later, we’ve created amazing products that help simplify health.

While we’re a new brand, we’re also kinda old. We’re based in Wexford, Ireland where our family-run beverages company has been operating on the banks of the river Slaney since 1876 making beer and whiskey (hey-balance right).  

Now that you know us better, next time you’re thinking, I should probably try be a little healthier, think about a different, convenient and great-tasting option.

Sustainability and quality

When you choose Go Health, you choose a sustainable business. Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got fancy certs to back it up! We are verified members of Origin Green, Ireland’s food and drink sustainability program. To keep our nice green badge we must set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve our local community. We also own a shiny new factory that is accredited with ISO 22000 and is Informed Sport approved!

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