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About Barbelle Health

With BarbELLE Health you also receive individual support in developing better nutrition, body image, confidence, food relationships, mental health and injury prevention. We also love to get creative with weekly planning – our Social Butterfly plan for example helps you live your best life and still achieve your goals.

At BarbELLE Health, we adapt to meet you where you’re at.  

So if you have a Weight Loss goal, we might start your Game Plan by simply increasing your steps.  Or we might ask you to practice mindful eating to aid your digestive system.  We may get you tracking with an app or we might turn our focus to self-esteem building.

The big bonus: this individualised game plan means you avoid more commercial fad diets, detox pills, bad lifting techniques and other fitness industry nonsense that lead to unhappy dieting.

Get started today by booking your 45min Game Plan Call.

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